PU foam wheel,Rubber wheel (4.00-8)

PU foam wheel,Rubber wheel (4.00-8)

We manufacture various kinds of rubber products and metal products, including:
(1) Tyres;
(2)Inner tubes(natural rubber inner tubes, butyl rubber inner tubes);
(3)Wheels(pneumatic rubber wheels, solid rubber wheels,tubeless wheels, foam wheels, rubber foam wheels, polyamine foam wheels, castor wheels);
(4)Wheel rims, bearings(cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearing);
(5)Hand trolley and wheel barrow and so on.

Product Origin:  Qingdao
Model Number:  4.00-8
Brand Name:  

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Company Name: Qingdao Jianqiao Metal Products Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Emma Xue
Address: Dongfengjiatan Village,Yinzhu Town,Jiaonan City,Qingdao,Shandong Province 
Zip: 266431
Telephone: 86-0532-83195097
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E-mail: http://www.china-wheels.com
Website: http://wheel.ietrade.com.cn

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